Live from the Elections Center

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Election Results!

TeenPact Nation, You’ve campaigned, you’ve voted, and you’ve guessed. Last night we heard the results of the election. In case you missed it, we have a recap for you here.     REPRESENTATIVES   Isaac Richardson 786 Micah Burk 660 Logan Hancock 613 Peter Wypyszinski 594 Allison Clark 546 Josiah Sears 540 Hannah Freeland 539… Read more »

Party Nominees

TeenPact Nation, We’ve been onsite at Lee University for the past three days. There has been a plethora of campaign signs, candy, and events going on. While you can’t participate in some of these things, you can still keep up with the process on Facebook, Instagram, and through our live-stream. We have a very specific… Read more »

Onsite Update

Live from the Election Hall at Lee University!

Shirk/Williams Press Release

  As the Vision Party, we believe that the government is responsible “for the health and welfare of its citizens and should continue to provide healthcare for those in need.” In practical terms, we believe this means ensuring that healthcare is available to all Americans while upholding principles of individual responsibility, liberty, and free enterprise…. Read more »

To the Informed Voter

TeenPact Voter,      We’ve been in contact with our candidates a lot recently; offering advice, giving platforms, and assisting in creating the excellent campaigns. But there is one element that is crucial, yet uncontrollable. That element is you! You can’t have an election without voters.      As you know, one of our distinctives is excellence…. Read more »

Gosz/Fryer Press Release

Being from the Vision party, we value looking at the future. Our big picture objective is to see every American have access to healthcare. Ideally, we desire every American to be financially able to provide healthcare for themselves. But seeing as how there will always be people who are less financially secure, we believe the… Read more »