Buterbaugh/Lynn Press Release

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The American healthcare system is broken. We believe neither the government, nor the market, are the complete solutions to that broken system in America today. We believe in healthcare that does not alienate the few in the name of the many. The people of the United States are not one-size fits all. Thus, the people’s healthcare should not be one-size fits all. We believe in a mixed system where healthcare is affordable for those in need and customizable for those unique. We believe healthcare is a necessity, and that the market and government play a vital role in its provision.

Much like healthcare, our stories are not one-size fits all. God has designed each and every one of us with a specific purpose — a unique way in which we can use our lives for His glory. Within the program of TeenPact, we have an incredible opportunity to engage in discipleship and fellowship with like-minded believers. We were not intended to remain here forever, and we were not designed to live on the mountaintop. Rather, we are called to descend into the valley. TeenPact is designed to be a training ground and a temporary community where we can come to be equipped in order to fulfill God’s will. When we consider the future of TeenPact, our desire is that each and every one of us would embrace the ministry’s motto: Changing Lives to Change the World. If we are elected to this position, we hope to use it in a way that inspires others to give their lives, to Christ and live wisely in the knowledge that our time on earth is short and our days are numbered.

If you would like to learn more about TeenPact vision, campaign message, and specific policy plans, visit our website at buterbaughlynn.com/policy.


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