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Stilwell/Vos Press Release

We believe that the American healthcare system is deeply flawed because it is interested in benefitting only those at the very top & bottom, leaving those in the “middle” with difficult choices to make. This is why we believe, that in a first step to privatizing America’s healthcare, we should turn over the responsibility of… Read more »

Vision Party Candidates

REPRESENTATIVE CANDIDATES     Toby DeMoss AHOY! It’s your boy Toby coming at you from Pennsylvania!! Wanna know my campaign story? Me: “I’m not going to run” Jesus: “You’re going to run” AND SO I’M RUNNING! With that fairly unnecessary intro under my belt, let me tell you about myself. All I do is film… Read more »

Perseverance Party Candidates

REPRESENTATIVE CANDIDATES     Josh Cresswell Hey y’all! I’m Josh Cresswell, and I’m so pumped to be at Nationals and running for Representative. Of course, it’s always great to be home. I was born and raised in Cleveland, Tennessee, so welcome! I’m the son of a preacher and a preacher’s wife, so I’ve been blessed… Read more »

Compassion Party Candidates

REPRESENTATIVE CANDIDATES   Anna Grisham   Hey everyone! My name is Anna Grisham and I hail from the lovely state of Mississippi! A little about me: I’m the second oldest of three kids, photography and music are my some of my hobbies, and there is nothing I love more than traveling. I’m so excited for… Read more »

Buterbaugh/Lynn Press Release

The American healthcare system is broken. We believe neither the government, nor the market, are the complete solutions to that broken system in America today. We believe in healthcare that does not alienate the few in the name of the many. The people of the United States are not one-size fits all. Thus, the people’s… Read more »

Nelson/Meece Press Release

The Future of TeenPact Our party stances and vision for TeenPact. Montgomery Village, May 10, 2017. We believe that the role of government is to ensure citizens access to healthcare, while empowering them to be responsible for their own health and wellbeing. Healthcare isn’t something that can be left solely to the volatile private sector,… Read more »