Here you’ll find everything you need to know about TeenPact National Elections, including party platforms, candidate profiles, election rules, and more.

Why Elections?

Why do we spend time and effort on nationwide elections at National Convention? After all, wasn’t that “political stuff” for the State Class? While these elections will incorporate political elements, their purpose goes far beyond mere policy. Ultimately, we hold elections at National Convention because it is an incredible platform for learning leadership! TeenPact is about changing lives to change the world, and we believe a key part of making that happen is equipping young people with the skills necessary to lead well. Whether it’s public speaking, coordinating logistics, organizing a team of supporters, or learning how to brand your campaign, these skills can be honed by managing a national campaign.

Why Run?

First, it’s fun! There’s nothing quite like the challenge and enjoyment of competition, especially when it involves working with people, planning your strategy, and sharing your message!

And speaking of sharing a message, that’s the second reason you should run. Each candidate not only gets to answer questions and share their slogan during the Primary Open Forum, but those that make it to the General Election will have the chance to share their message to the entire National Convention student body! If you have a message on your heart, this is an incredible way to share it with your peers!

And third, you can learn so much from the process! This is an incredible opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and learn the skills it takes to run a national campaign.

What to expect?

When you arrive at NC, you will be given a packet of information about campaigning, including when to attend a candidate meeting. This meeting will give you a thorough overview of what the elections process will look like during the week.

However, you may still be wanting to know more about how to practically prepare your campaign ahead of time before NC starts, so here are some quick tips that you may find helpful:

  1. Consider bringing campaign supplies. Many candidates will create posters and signs with their slogan or logo on it to display across the campus. While not required, this is a great way to boost your name recognition. (Check the “Election Rules” page for more details about displaying materials)
  2. Consider preparing a slogan or message of some kind. During the Primary Open Forum, you will be asked questions and given an opportunity to share some of your thoughts. Having some talking points already thought out could help you be ready for Primaries.
  3. Consider writing your speech for the General Election. Representative and Senatorial candidates who are elected out of the Primary Election will be given the opportunity to present a speech in front of the entire National Convention student body (One minute for representatives and one and half minutes for senators). Having this written ahead of time could be very helpful to your campaign.
  4. Consider purchasing table space in the Elections Hall. The Elections Hall is a popular hangout location at NC and is the onsite “hub” of elections happenings, so having tablespace with your campaign information on it is a great way to spread your name and message.


If you have any questions about anything related to the National Convention elections, please contact the Elections Team at elections@teenpact.com.

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