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Party Platforms

These values will not be topics covered at National Convention, but will help give you perspective on your party’s overall vision on issues affecting the country. Allow these values to guide and direct you as you continue to develop your stance on this year’s platform.

Perseverance Party

The Perseverance Party stands on conservative traditions and is focused on maintaining a stable, yet productive society. Through taking domestic initiative, the Perseverance Party believes in limited national government and having faithful presence in international affairs.

National Defense: We believe that a strong national defense and capable military has been a building block of our nation’s success thus far. Therefore, we must remain committed to a formidable defense strategy to guarantee a secure homeland.

Economy and Job Creation: We believe in the individual power of the American people and their ability to make arrangements for their economic security in the free market; just as it has happened for generations.

Energy: We believe America has the resources necessary to meet its energy needs. If the government reduces control and and gives incentives for energy growth we will see increased prosperity due to energy availability and independence.

Education: We believe in the common sense solutions of increased competition with school choice, cultivating better teachers by using performance based pay, and introducing innovative solutions like charter schools.

Environment: We believe in harvesting the resources of the earth and the potential good that can come from what this nation has been endowed with. This, however, must be executed in accordance with this nation’s heritage of responsibility.

Retirement Security: We believe that Social Security has an obligation to take the steps necessary to fulfill their commitment to those who have paid into the system in good faith. However, the current system is flawed and unsustainable in its current form; we must take steps to slowly privatize the system. This would allow for common sense solutions to change economic and population demographics.

Foreign Policy: We believe it is crucial to have a strong international presence. In order to keep the American people safe and secure, the United States must be ready to take a strong and communicative stance on the world stage while always being reactive to changing political climates.

Illegal Immigration: The United States should allow states to secure their borders, while allowing those here illegally with deep family ties a path to legality and those without ties a dignified repatriate. In addition, penalties should be lobbied against businesses that in any way support undocumented workers.

Compassion Party

The Compassion Party is greatly concerned with humanitarian needs and global prosperity. Their aim is to maintain efficient options (whether economical/energy/job creation) for mobilizing the individual and the family unit. Compassion Party also believes US success is dependent on the stability of international community at large.

National Defense: We believe in and strive for a strong national defense. We therefore are willing to aid other nations for their prosperity and the overall security of the international community. We believe that our military is in place to promote our national interests at large. However, our military is in place for defense and should only be utilized when our interests are threatened and never to expand our power or ownership in the world.

Economy and Job Creation: We believe that there are many jobs involved in executing the constitutional role of government. Therefore, the government can and should play a role in stimulating the economy by employing those that have the most need.

Energy: We believe in promoting innovative energy solutions for the improved competitiveness of our economy. Energy innovation should be left to the the private sector and should be promoted by government incentives.

Education: We believe that quality education is a building block to a successful society. Therefore, every child should be guaranteed an education in a system that strives for continual growth and improvement.

Environment: We believe that the environment and our historical heritage should be protected for their enjoyments and utilization. However, the people and their economic aspirations and quality of life should take precedence within reason.

Retirement Security: Our current system cannot fiscally sustain itself and must be reformed. We believe private retirement savings accounts are the most practically viable option to maintain high standards of living for the elderly while adapting to changing population demographics.

Right to Bear Arms: Firearms are an important part of our heritage and sometimes necessary to protect human life. We as a party are not opposed to permit programs that will enable people to exercise their right to bear arms while aiming to ensure safety of the general public from criminals’.

Foreign Policy: The United State’s security and success is directly linked to the stability of the world community. Thus, we must work towards the stability and prosperity of the world by promoting freedom and justice in the process of defending the American way of life; accepting conflict if necessary.

Illegal Immigration: The United States should create a path to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants to ensure all residents are contributing to the economic health of this nation. In addition, regulations on legal immigration should be streamlined to make access to the United States more attainable.

Vision Party

The Vision Party believes in focusing on long-term goals and accomplishing them through creative and reliable means. The vision party also believes strongly in U.S. based efforts and boosting the economy through self-stimulating efforts. In addition, the Vision Party is constantly thinking of “Big Picture” objectives and is developing strategies to best aid these objectives.

National Defense: We believe in the the long term benefits of eliminating America’s international threats where they exist. The United States Government has a duty to ensure the safety of the nation and its citizens. Long term safety will take a steadfast dedication to strong homeland security; if it preserves our freedom and safety, it is worth the commitment.

Economy and Job Creation: We believe in the promotion of long term and sustainable economic growth by the reduction of taxation and promotion of other strategies that promote healthy business.

Energy: We believe in the power of American energy potential. We will remove environmental roadblocks to refinery and drilling efforts. However, we also believe that our true potential in the issue of energy sustainability lies in renewable and nuclear energy efforts. We propose steep tax credits for nuclear power development.

Education: We believe in the long term viability of adding competition to public education. Practical solutions for education could include things such as school vouchers, teacher performance-based pay, and charter schools.

Environment: We believe that responsible use of ones private property is a fundamental human right. However we believe that the government exist in part to protect the peoples’ posterity and therefore should implement measures for responsible use of public natural resources.

Retirement Security: We believe that the Social Security System should be financially responsible and accountable for its own sustainability in the consideration of the payments it receives and benefits it distributes. We believe that in the long term, people have the best vision for their retirement and should be allowed to see to their own savings.

Right to Bear Arms: We believe that the long term continuance of our God given American rights is based on the ability to have those rights guaranteed by our ability to protect ourselves harm.

Foreign Policy: We believe that our interests are vested in the continuance of a good American reputation and influence on the world stage. This will take the form of asserting the power we have currently in international affairs while being prudent but assertive in seeing to our long term interests.

Illegal Immigration: The United States should do everything in its power – military, economic or legislative — to secure its borders and ensure the legality of its residents. This includes allowing states to independently enforce existing federal immigration laws.

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