Here you’ll find everything you need to know about TeenPact National Elections, including party platforms, candidate profiles, election rules, and more.

Election Rules

Article I: Authority, Enforcement, and Execution

Section 1. The Supervisors of Elections reserve adjunct power and have the final say in all matters concerning TeenPact’s National Elections (with the exception of Mr. Peter Martin).

Section 2. Any alleged violators of the 2017 Election rules will be brought before the Supervisors of Elections. The Supervisors of Elections have the authority to investigate any accusations and pass judgment, including but not limited to disqualification from the TeenPact national elections.

Section 3. The rules specified within this document are subject to amendment at any time. These amendments will be clearly published and sent to all registered candidates.

Article II: Eligibility

Section 1. To be eligible to run for office, each candidate must attend and graduate from a Four Day state class as a student.

Section 2. All candidates must attend TeenPact National Convention 2017 in order to run for office.

Section 3. No employee, full-time intern, program director, or other full-time volunteer shall be eligible to run for office.

Article III: Candidates

Section 1. There will be a popular election for a Congress made up of 9 representatives and 4 senators.

Section 2. There will be an electoral election for a Presidential and Vice-Presidential ticket.

Section 3. Each candidate must declare their intent to run for office, pay their Candidate Fee of $10.00, and complete the online Candidate Registration form by May 8th in order to be placed on the primary ballot.

Section 4: Write-in candidates will not be printed on the primary ballot. Their names must be written on the provided blank line on the ballot. Write-ins may run in the primary without paying the $10 candidate fee, however, they must pay the $10 candidate fee if they a) post campaign material at any point during National Convention, or b) get nominated out of the party primaries and wish to continue to the general election. All write-in candidates who make it out of primaries will have their name printed on the general election ballot. Write-in candidates will not have the opportunity to participate during the primary forum, but they will be given the chance to stand up and state their name.

Section 5: Each party will run a maximum of 27 representative candidates and 12 senatorial candidates during primary elections. Candidates who wish to run after the maximum has been filled within a party must choose another office or another party. Once the maximum has been reached in all parties, no additional candidates will be permitted to run.

Section 6: If a maximum number of candidates has not been reached prior to voting, party leaders will present the opportunity for write-in candidates to run.  These candidates will be given a thirty second opportunity to present their name and to speak.

Article IV: The Electoral College

Section 1. States will be awarded electoral votes based on the total number of students that were in attendance at their respective State Class during the TeenPact 2017 Season.  If there was not a State Class conducted in any particular state during the 2017 season, the electoral votes will be calculated from the most recent class held in that state.

Section 2. Every state will automatically receive one electoral vote per state class, plus one additional vote for every 20 students which attended the most recent State Class. For Example… If Nevada has 3 State Classes, they will receive an automatic 3 votes, 1 per State Class, in addition to votes based on population.

Section 3. In states that have ¾ or greater of the 20 students necessary to gain an additional vote, their numbers shall be rounded up and the additional vote given. For example… If 75 student attended the California State Class, CA would receive 5 electoral votes: 1 automatic vote and 4 student attendance votes (75/20 = 3 and ¾).

Section 4. A student vote will be counted towards the electoral vote(s) of the state where the voter last attended a State Class as a student.

Section 5. The presidential ticket that carries the most votes in any state will automatically be awarded all of state’s electoral votes.

Section 6. If there is a tie in a state, the electoral votes will be split evenly between the two or possibly three candidates that are tied.

Section 7. If there is a tie in total electoral votes, the tie-breaking vote will be made by all elected officials from National Convention 2016 who are currently present at National Convention 2017.

Article V: National Convention Election Activities

Section 1. In the primary election, the representative and senatorial candidates will participate in a forum and will NOT give campaign speeches.  The presidential candidates (including their VP running mate) will give a 3-minute speech and may be asked  additional question(s) chosen by members of the National Convention Elections Team. (Speech time is inclusive, i.e. introduction.)

Section 2. In the General Election, the representative candidates will give a 1-minute speech and the senatorial candidates will give a 1-1/2 minute speech.  The presidential and vice-presidential candidates will participate in separate debates hosted by the National Convention Elections Team. Questions asked of the candidates will be organized by a moderator.

Section 3. Candidates will not have prior knowledge of questions to be asked during both the primary and general debates. The National Convention Elections Team will choose these questions.

Section 4. Voting for the primary elections as well as the general election will be conducted via computers at specific voting kiosks.

Section 5. Signs and posters are permissible at National Convention. However, they must meet the following guidelines:

a) The ONLY acceptable adhesive to hang campaign material is painter’s tape. All other adhesives are PROHIBITED; this includes (but is not limited to) the following tapes: scotch, masking, duct, etc.

b) No gluing, nailing, stapling or tacking is allowed.

c) Anything “see-through” must remain completely unobstructed.

d) All campaign material in the Elections Hall MUST be removed and placed either out of site or in the garbage NO LATER than 10:00 pm on Thursday, May 25th, 2017 and any campaign material outside of the Elections Hall MUST be removed and placed either out of sight or in the garbage NO LATER than 1:00pm on Friday, May 26th, 2017. Failure to do so will result in a deduction of candidate votes! For all campaign literature equal to or larger than an 8½  ×11 inch piece of paper, 5 votes will be deducted (or 2 electoral votes for the presidential race). All literature smaller than an 8½ ×11 piece of paper, 2 votes will be deducted (or 1 electoral vote for the presidential race).

Section 6. Guidelines regarding acceptable locations on Lee University campus for placement of campaign materials will be covered during the candidate meeting on Monday, May 22nd, 2017.

Section 7. Booth space will be provided at National Convention for those who purchased the space ahead of time. These tables will be pre-arranged and must be left in their original position. The tables will be marked with the candidates name.

Section 8. Electrical outlets may or may not be provided. If you know that you will need an outlet, please bring your own extension cord. Tablecloths are permissible. Nothing may be hung from the ceiling.

Article VI: Absentee Voting

Section 1. Absentee voter eligibility is limited exclusively to alumni or attendees of a TeenPact Four Day State Class. This excludes parents, siblings, and friends of, as well as anyone else who is not, a TeenPact alumnus, State Coordinator, or Class Director. State Coordinators, members of State Coordinating teams, and Class Directors are eligible to vote absentee, but may NOT use their resources or positions to influence voters.  Note that parents are still eligible to vote onsite if they are a registered attendee of National Convention and are present to vote.

Section 2. All absentee votes must be received between 10:00 pm (EST) Wednesday, May 24th and 10:00 pm (EST) Thursday, May 25th in order to be eligible to be counted.

Section 3. Phone banking will NOT be permitted at National Convention and the use of cell phones will fall under the National Convention cell phone policy.

Article VII: Pre-National Convention Campaigning

Section 1. No TeenPact generated lists can be used by the candidates. Only personally created lists from personal contacts. Candidates are not allowed to call anyone that they would not already personally call.

Section 2. “Personal contacts” may also include friends/contacts of friends.

Section 3. “TeenPact generated lists” includes any list acquired directly or indirectly from the TeenPact office. This includes state class lists of any kind as well as lists from any other TeenPact sponsored event.

Article VIII: Elected Official’s Responsibilities and Powers

Section 1. The President will preside over at least one meeting of the newly-elected officials at National Convention and may delegate or create positions as he or she sees fit. Either the vice-president and/or other elected officials must fill all created positions.

Section 2. The Elected Officials will have powers as they are delegated to them by the Elected Officials’ Advisers.

Section 3. In case of the Elected Officials’ Advisers (EOA) absence, the EOA may appoint a successor (with the consent of Mr. Peter Martin). In addition, the EOA reserve final veto over all actions of the Elected Officials (with the exception of Mr. Peter Martin).

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