Here you’ll find everything you need to know about TeenPact National Elections, including party platforms, candidate profiles, election rules, and more.


Primary Election Voting

Students attending National Convention get to participate in one of the three political parties at the event: the Vision Party, the Perseverance Party, or the Compassion party. Near the beginning of the week, candidates from each party will get to present in the Primary Open Forums as they seek to secure the vote of their fellow party members. Following the Open Forum, students will vote for the candidates they want to advance into the General Election from their party. Each student will only be allowed to vote for candidates in their own party during the Primary Election. For the complete listing of rules regulating our primary elections, please see our “Election Rules” page.

General Election Voting

Students and parents attending National Convention will have an opportunity to vote onsite in the General Election for any of the candidates that moved past the Primary Election. Information regarding onsite voting procedures will be provided upon arrival at the event.

Absentee Voting

Alumni of a TeenPact Four Day class who can’t make it to NC still have an opportunity to vote in the General Election, and this year our system is more streamlined than ever! Simply come back between May 24th (starting at 10:00 pm Eastern) and May 25th (ending at 10:00 pm Eastern) and a link will be provided for those interested in voting.



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