Gosz/Fryer Press Release


Being from the Vision party, we value looking at the future. Our big picture objective is to see every American have access to healthcare. Ideally, we desire every American to be financially able to provide healthcare for themselves. But seeing as how there will always be people who are less financially secure, we believe the government must have a role in providing healthcare for the financially unstable. We plan to reform healthcare in two ways. First, we plan to cut the cost of healthcare through removing government regulations on the free market. Second, we plan to provide additional funding for Medicare and Medicaid through cutting government spending on outdated and ineffective programs.


As President and Vice President, we would implement an official TeenPact flag. For the purpose of recognizing and valuing our country, liberty, and ministry, we would make the American flag, Christian flag, and TeenPact flag represented during the presidential and vice presidential debates.

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