Hale/McCue Press Release



An honest agenda with the people of America and TeenPact in mind

While healthcare is an important facet of society, it is not a human right, and as such it should not be provided by the federal government. Just like its powers, the government’s responsibilities have limits. These are not hurdles to be blown through without thought to the reverberations in the future. Our healthcare system needs to focus on the patient-physician relationship, and reduce the mandates and regulations, which are strangling competition and increasing costs while destroying free market options. By cutting restrictions preventing insurance and healthcare purchasing from across state lines, we will empower and support individuals and nonprofit agencies. We want to incentivize the private sector, and then allow the government to take a step back.

As Children of the Light, we are commanded to live radical lives that are dependent on Christ – not the government. We believe that the Lord will provide us with opportunities to care for ourselves without government interference, and that God’s plan is bigger than even the greatest government’s best intentions. Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Do not give to Caesar what is God’s, or man’s. By setting individuals up for success-by slashing regulations, and thus incentivizing and helping people to find affordable, private health care plans, we not only become better stewards of each other, but we prevent Caesar from meddling in places he does not belong, further removing the American people from their rights and liberties.

Plan of Action:

Our goal is to reform the TeenPact electoral process in a way that does not favor popularity, but rather, encourages involvement. In order to achieve this goal, we will focus on the voting process and specific reforms to the absentee voter system. We want to ensure that only current and involved TeenPacters are making the electoral decisions that represent TeenPact today.

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