Nelson/Meece Press Release


The Future of TeenPact

Our party stances and vision for TeenPact.

Montgomery Village, May 10, 2017. We believe that the role of government is to ensure citizens access to healthcare, while empowering them to be responsible for their own health and wellbeing. Healthcare isn’t something that can be left solely to the volatile private sector, and the government is the only way to reach everyone. Through mandatory health savings accounts and subsidized catastrophic care, citizens can be protected from bankruptcy, while retaining responsibility for and control over their own healthcare. Due to the overwhelming complexity of healthcare, this is the best reform of our current system, exposing citizens to real costs while protecting them from catastrophe.


If elected, we would want to improve TeenPact’s outreach/recruitment programs, particuarly in the northeast region. With volunteer coordinators, recruitment incentives, and additional promotional materials, TeenPact can grow it’s ministry consistently.


In the long term, we believe that TeenPact should branch out and encourage more diversity of thought and background. Our idea of “Get off the Grid” is all about Christ-like service, love, and respect for all people. Regardless of differences in race, politics, or denomination. TeenPact is not ultimately about these things. TeenPact is about spreading the love of Jesus.

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