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Why the Electoral College?

How does the electoral college work? Why do we do it in a TeenPact election? We’ve got all, well… maybe some of the answers!

TPN Anchors Announced

Here’s the announcement you’ve all been waiting for! Well… one of the announcements.

Toscano/Schneider Press Release

  We believe that while there are issues with the current US healthcare system, the only organization which can effectively provide healthcare for all US citizens is the United States government. As a result, our healthcare policy should focus not on redirecting control to the private sector, but rather on improving policy in the public… Read more »

Hale/McCue Press Release

RESTORING HOPE AND POWER TO THE PEOPLE An honest agenda with the people of America and TeenPact in mind While healthcare is an important facet of society, it is not a human right, and as such it should not be provided by the federal government. Just like its powers, the government’s responsibilities have limits. These… Read more »

Who is winning?

TeenPact Nation, Who is ahead in the polls? TPN knows. But we want you to know as well! Please answer these questions so that you can have the most up to date information on the campaign trail.               Food for thought…

Roberts/Holmes Press Release

    As the Perseverance Party, we want less government involvement in healthcare provision and we want to encourage the private sector of insurance providers. It is proven in all fields of the market that whenever the private sector, being private businesses and non-government organizations, is empowered, the free market thrives. Competition among healthcare providers… Read more »