Party Platforms.

Party Platforms Are Here!

As the week of National Convention draws close, the TeenPact National Elections Team has worked to produce an interesting and thought provoking election issue for candidates and campaigns to discuss. We have chosen United States Healthcare Reform as the topic to be debated this year. For more information on what each party believes, head over to “The Issues” page for an in-depth look at each party’s stance on healthcare reform. For a more broad look at party’s stances, check out “Party Platforms.” 

We look forward to seeing how each campaign takes on this difficult issue in the coming days and weeks. We will be posting press releases, candidate bios, absentee voter information as well as numerous polls over the next few weeks. Check back here every Saturday for new content and campaign updates. The next eight weeks will fly by, and as a team, we’re incredibly excited for this year’s national elections.

-The 2017 National Convention Elections Team



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