Roberts/Holmes Press Release


    As the Perseverance Party, we want less government involvement in healthcare provision and we want to encourage the private sector of insurance providers. It is proven in all fields of the market that whenever the private sector, being private businesses and non-government organizations, is empowered, the free market thrives. Competition among healthcare providers drives healthcare costs down. For those individuals who still cannot afford the necessary healthcare, each state government may provide vouchers and grants as necessary. Regardless of your income status, there will be a way to obtain affordable healthcare–which is vital to aiding Americans in need.

    If we are elected, we would essentially utilize the money provided in the given budget to create a TeenPact News app. It would entail several different aspects. For example, there would be carpool information that could be posted by different people so that students can find rides to various Teenpact events. We would also have a link for student project information so that students can be involved throughout the year and stay connected with other TeenPacters. In recognition of TeenPact state elected officials (Governors and Senators) throughout the season, there would be a hall of fame within the app, updated throughout the course of the season. The app would be free and each student, when they graduate the four-day class, would receive the app code that is needed to access the app. This way we ensure that only TeenPacters and their parents are the ones posting on this app. It’s an excellent way to keep TeenPacters connected throughout the year.

    We have a vision. That vision is to help others be so radically changed in their faith in God as we have been changed. As we continue to see TeenPact grow in various ways, the influence God has given us grows all the more. We want to challenge others in their faith so that their walk with Christ can grow exponentially. Most Christians fall away from their faith when they leave for college. TeenPact has the influence and ability from God to strengthen the faith of young Christians and prepare them for the rest of their lives…so that our faith is real and unbreakable. Seeking God now, and challenging others to do the same is an ongoing, long term goal that we must always strive to accomplish.

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