Shirk/Williams Press Release



As the Vision Party, we believe that the government is responsible “for the health and welfare of its citizens and should continue to provide healthcare for those in need.” In practical terms, we believe this means ensuring that healthcare is available to all Americans while upholding principles of individual responsibility, liberty, and free enterprise.

We plan to create a network of government-financed medical centers for Americans who are uninsurable or unable to pay for their own health insurance. These centers would be staffed by ambitious, energetic, and idealistic recent graduates who can receive a type of public service loan forgiveness while at the same time providing them with extensive training. Providing a safety net for vulnerable citizens is different from providing a hammock.

The second element of our proposed healthcare reform would remove regulations and provide people with complete freedom to purchase as much health care or insurance as they want, as well as allow doctors to practice as they choose. Our vision is for government to take care of the most needy Americans without trying to seize complete control of the healthcare system.

What we would like to accomplish if we are elected this year is to help provide a simple way to make TeenPact more than a one-time spiritual high. In order to do this, we would like to add a page to the official TeenPact website that displays each elected official from the past year as well as their message. This would provide a way to review messages that encouraged you at the past NC as well as put more importance on the messages we elect. Along with this, we would like to institute a video competition at NC each year for TeenPacters to showcase their media talent. The winner would have their video shown at NC and receive an award for creative vision.

Our vision for the TeenPact nation is to have TeenPacters stand on the word of God, to believe it, and walk in confidence with a knowledge of their God. We want to see Jesus remain the cornerstone of the TeenPact body of believers so that we may be built up together in Christ as our takeaway from TeenPact extends beyond the mountaintop experiences that we have here.

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