Stilwell/Vos Press Release


We believe that the American healthcare system is deeply flawed because it is interested in benefitting only those at the very top & bottom, leaving those in the “middle” with difficult choices to make. This is why we believe, that in a first step to privatizing America’s healthcare, we should turn over the responsibility of regulation and administration to the individual states, instead of the federal government. The government, the free market, and the church should work together to make healthcare more affordable & accessible for everyone.


In the event that we are elected, we would like to give a sum of money to each state coordinating team to do whatever they see fit to grow their individual state’s TeenPact program. We believe that this is the most effective way to improve TeenPact across the board.


Our long term vision for TeenPact is that it would continue to grow and thrive as a ministry. We would like to see more alumni events and tracks of study developed to cover more areas of interest & education. The individuals of TeenPact are so rich with gifts and talents that could be used in more ways than they already are! The future looks bright.

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