Toscano/Schneider Press Release



We believe that while there are issues with the current US healthcare system, the only organization which can effectively provide healthcare for all US citizens is the United States government. As a result, our healthcare policy should focus not on redirecting control to the private sector, but rather on improving policy in the public sector. Because we believe in defense for the defenseless and hope for the hopeless, we stand in favor of reforms to healthcare within the only organization which would allow those reforms to have a meaningful impact: the American government.

Our proposed policy change for healthcare ultimately exists because of the people, and our policy change within TeenPact reflects that goal as well. Should we be elected President and Vice President, our plan is to create an essay contest answering the prompt: “Why is TeenPact something you want to be a part of?” Students will answer this question in brief essay format should they choose to enter, and the author of the top essay, which will be determined by the State Coordinator of each class, will receive a merit-based discount to their tuition.

This focus on the people, found in both our healthcare and TeenPact policy changes, reflects our concern for you, the people of TeenPact. Our vision is that through TeenPact people will grow stronger in their relationships with Christ both individually and together in unity as the body of Christ. Ultimately, we recognize that the success of any organization rests not in the hands of the people “at the top,” but in the power of the One who Lord above all.  So if nothing else, and above all else, all glory be to Christ.

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