Vision Party Candidates




Toby DeMoss

AHOY! It’s your boy Toby coming at you from PennsylToby Demossvania!! Wanna know my campaign story? Me: “I’m not going to run” Jesus: “You’re going to run” AND SO I’M RUNNING! With that fairly unnecessary intro under my belt, let me tell you about myself. All I do is film film film no matter what. I am 100% extroverted, so don’t be surprised when I walk up to you and shove my hand into yours. Also I’ll bet my camera (her name is Saffron) that I laugh more than the whole world combined. See you soon, goofs. :)


JB Morgan

JB Morgan

Hey! My name is JB Morgan, and I’ll be running for Representative at NC. I love reading, writing, and watching movies. I’ve competed in archery for three years, and love being outside. I will be attending Mercer University in the fall to study Mechanical Engineering. 46

My message is titled “Protect the King”, based off of 1 Peter 3:15. Our generation needs to know why they  personally believe in Christ. Secondly, we need to have the ability to powerfully defend our viewpoints with grace and dignity.

If you want to know more, find me on Instagram! @morgan4rep2017



Miriam Hamstramiriam hamstra

Miriam Hamstra is from the state of Indiana, and she loves life there. Adopted at 14 months old, she is originally from Russia. Miriam’s greatest passion is writing and pointing others to Christ through written words. She loves sharing the great truths of the Word with others, and finds joy in telling others about God’s love and faithfulness. She also enjoys spending time with her family which includes her twin sister. She enjoys playing volleyball and basketball, and spending time with friends. Her message is Love the Word. She hopes that this message ignites a deeper passion for God’s Word.


Haley West

haley west

Hey! Guys my name is Hayley and I’m so excited to be running for Representative in the Vision Party. I’m from a small town in Georgia called Dublin where I live with my big fun loving family.

My message is called “Changing Directions” it is based off of Jeremiah 29:11 where it talks about God’s plan being the best. About how a closed door isn’t a dead end but rather a new beginning.

I cannot wait to meet you all and talk about this further at National Convention. It’s about to get lit.



Will FergusonWill Ferguson


My name is Will Ferguson, and like most of you, I love sports, books, music, and Teenpact.  I’m from Florida, I’m in the Vision party, but most importantly, I’m a Christian. I’ve lived in five states and been to four different countries.  Wherever I go, I’ve always watched Christians use their faith as common ground to accomplish great things. If we unify under Christ, focus on our true goals, and invest in each other, we can accomplish anything. Vote for me, and that dream could be a reality.


Braden Dowdy

Hey everybody, my name is Braden Dowdy. I’m the first braden dowdyTeenPacter in my family and the recently elected governor of Georgia. I love playing all types of games, from sports to cards.

The message God has laid on my heart for this campaign is ‘Alive in Christ’, based on Romans 6. Lately I have been struck by the depth of our entrapment and death in sin. We all struggle, yet we are called to “live a new life” and repent of the sins of our past. For more, be sure to follow my page on Instagram @bradendowdy.for.rep. See y’all at NC!!!


Micah Burkmicah burk 2

My name is Micah Burk.  I live on a small Oklahoma ranch with my AMAZING family of nine!  I have been involved with TeenPact for seven years, and have loved every moment!  Some things you should know about me: I love beaches, big laughs, volleyball, theater, sunsets, s’mores, campfires, music and things of beauty!  I am excited for National Convention and I cannot wait to share my message titled I AM!  You can find out more about me and my campaign by joining my Facebook group (Micah Burk for Representative 2017) and following my Instagram (@micah4rep).


Luke Bieberluke bieber


Hey everybody! My name’s Luke Bieber, and while I could talk about myself for a while, I believe that sharing my campaign message is more important: “I’m not strong enough, but I serve the One who is.” It’s not necessarily something we like to do, but we are called to ‘boast in our weaknesses’- to admit we are weak, because God’s strength is made perfect in weakness. I have so much more to say, but I’m limited on space, so please check out my campaign page on Facebook if you’d like to hear more about my message.



Audria BruceProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset


Hey! I’m Audria Bruce, i’m a born & raised Texan, pastors kid & fourth of ten in my family. I’m a choccy milk drinker, retro enthusiast, ventriloquist and avid pun maker. My message is “AUD: Living a fearlessly set apart life”. It’s something i’m passionate about and that God’s really been convicting me of. We’re called to be holy and set apart for Him and do it with boldness and without fear. Can’t wait to meet you at NC!



Kalman Buterbaughkal buterbaugh


Hi everyone! My name is Kalman Buterbaugh, and I hail from Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been involved in TeenPact ever since I attended my first state class in 2014. Some of my favorite activities include cooking, playing sports, and just being outdoors. I’m running for representative this year with the message of “Constant Joy” from 2 Corinthians 4:16-5:1, focusing on the true meaning of joy and what Paul means when he says to “rejoice always.” For more information, check out my facebook page. Can’t wait to see you all at NC!



Priscilla Chinn

priscilla chinn

A native Oregonian, Priscilla is beyond thrilled and humbled to be running for representative this year. Ever since her first one-day class in 2011, Teenpact has become her “family,” a community of her greatest role models and dearest friends. Though far from perfect, Priscilla desires to love His people and pursue His glory in all things, whether in ultimate frisbee or long discussions. Through this campaign, she hopes to encourage the Teenpact nation to join her in pressing Deeper Still into understanding and living out the infinity of Love Himself! Find her message on Instagram @priscillachinn4rep. Soli deo gloria!



Amelia Jonesamelia jones

Hello! My name is Amelia Jones.

I’m from Indiana. I’m an only child, lovingly surrounded by my parents and my dog, Jack. I love spending my time getting to know friends better, playing music, or at the dance studio (where I’ve now danced for ten years). This is my third season of TeenPact and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’m excited to get to know you all and share my message of ‘Abide in Hope’ from 1 Peter 1:3 and Acts 2:26 as I run for Representative this year.



J. Samuel Kaisner

Hey guys! My name is J. Samuel Kaisner and I’m giving Judah Kaisnera shout out from the heart of central Illinois! I live in a small farm town where we leave our doors unlocked and our keys in our cars. If I’m not studying, working, or hanging with my fam and friends, I can be found messing with random A/V equipment, working on my truck, listening to a Chicago Cubs game, or enjoying a cup of my favorite Starbucks ! I am really looking forward to hanging out with you at NC!Check out my campaign/message!






Cameron Linchcameron linch

Hey Everyone,

My name is Cameron Linch. I am running for representative in the Vision party. I am from Missouri, and I LOVE Teen Pact! I hope to meet many of you at Nat Con. My slogan  this year is “Today is a W.” This is based off of Philippians 4:13. Today is a W because Christ has empowered us to overcome every obstacle in order to grow closer to Him. We won’t always get what we want, but we get what we need. I explain more on my campaign page on Instagram. @linchforrep2k17 Hope to see you all there!



Dillon Melvindillon melvin

My name is Dillon Melvin. This year I’m excited to be one of many superb candidates in Vison Party! I’m proud to be from the great state of Florida. Being homeschooled I come from a large family of eight which keeps things pretty exciting. My message this year is Use Your Key.  The main idea behind it is that as humans we tend to hold on to certain unhealthy emotions and that as christens we should use our key which is ultimately Gods Love. Make sure to check out the campaign page if you want to know more!



Lilly Nemethlilly nemeth

Hey everyone!! I’m Lilly and I’m so excited to be running for Representative!! It’s my first time to attend National Convention so here’s a bit about me: I love going new places and meeting people, my favorite character qualities are joy and courage, and I love all different forms of art (especially if they involve music). The message for my campaign is about trusting God and becoming fearless, and I have an Instagram account with a very original name (@lillynemeth4rep, go check it out). This year at National Convention, I’m hoping to spread light, meet new people, and have fun!!



Josiah Sears

Hey guys! My name is Josiah Sears and I hail from the josiah searsmost beautiful state in all of America; the state of Washington (the one with all the rain). I’ve grown up homeschooled with 3 other siblings, and ever since I was a little tot, TeenPact has been a huge part of my life, and I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to run for representative at NC! This past year, God has been teaching me something new from the book of John, and this is where my campaign messages comes from, which is to “Abide in Him”.



Taylor Tuckertaylor tucker

Recently, I have been competing in a Bible Competition that required me to memorize a book of the Bible. Memorizing the Bible and being able to recall it instantly has been crucial to advance in the competition, but it has also been beneficial for me personally. God has been able to speak to me through the Bible verses I’ve memorized by allowing certain verses to pop into my head when I need them. That’s why my message for my campaign is Hidden In My Heart, because God can use us better when we use what He’s given us first.







Amelia Gray


Hey friends!! My name is Amelia Gray — Meils for short. I’m from the beautiful South Carolina, where I attended my first TeenPact class in 2014. I’m excited to run for senator this year because I’ve decided to do something a bit different with my campaign. I think servant leadership is about supporting those whom you are leading, so instead of having a message, I have an invitiation: let’s sit down and chat about your story. My campaign is focused on hearing the stories and lessons of both candidates and voters, and I can’t wait to meet all of you soon!


Skylar Babin

Hello hello!!!!skylar babin

My name is Skylar Babin, and I am so thrilled to hopefully meet you and share my message- Ride the Wave- with you at NC! I’m from a small vacation city that is supposedly an island (Destin, Florida). I absolutely love Jesus, family, friends, deep conversations, random adventures, frozen blueberries, and basically any exciting activity. One thing that I am super passionate about is singing and creating music, and I hope to get more involved this Summer than I have been over the past ten or so years! I’ve started to enjoy surfing as a side hobby, and I actually thought of my message, Ride the Wave, during a surf session in Costa Rica (fun fact!)!

Ride the Wave is about taking the opportunities God gives us and exerting 110% effort with these God-given opportunities whatever they may be. I recently posted a message video on my Instagram account, @skylar.for.senate , so you can learn more about what God has been teaching me!  Also, feel free to DM me!


Naomi Hamstra

naomi hamstra

Hi TeenPact Nation! I am Naomi Hamstra. I was born in Krasnodar, Russia and adopted at the age of 14 months. I love life in the happy state of Indiana. In my free time I enjoy creating and writing cards, playing volleyball and ultimate frisbee, catching a beautiful sunset, listening to classical music and hymns, doing anything adventurous, having a deep conversation, and eating anything spicy. I enjoy playing piano and guitar since I love to praise God through music. My message is “Cleansed by His Blood and Assured of our Faith.” This message comes from Hebrews 10:19-25. These verses are encouraging because as sinful people we are cleansed by Jesus’ blood, assured of the faith that He gives us, and then with that assurance and confidence we can go out and glorify God and encourage others by our good works. Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean. Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering. And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works! I can’t wait to see you all there!


Anabelle Reillyanabelle reilly


My name is Anabelle Reilly and I am beyond excited to be running for senate this year. This will be my fifth National Convention but, my goodness, the experience never gets old so I can’t wait to be there with everyone! I have grown up in Orlando, FL and you can typically find me in a pair of well loved Birkenstocks. With that, my message, On The Edge, and it’s about questioning your comfort zone and seeking out a life lived in the fearless freedom we find in Christ. Ok that’s all for now, see you soon!



Drew Meeceandrew meece

Golly Jeepers! I’m Drew Meece, and I’m running for senate in Vision at National Convention 2017! Some of my passions are singing, dancing, baking, acting, and procrastinating. I hail from the not-so-great state of Tennessee where I desperately try to act like I have my life together. I’m a part time babysitter to six younger siblings and a part time subject to two older siblings.  One of my greatest contributions to the world is my chocolate cherry poke cake, which is to die for.  I hope to have a career in acting, which is basically a one-way ticket to unemployment, but I’ll make it work.



Richard Bohnrichard bohn

God has worked in me personally over the past 3 years at TeenPact more than he ever has in my life. Jesus should be so focused on this coming week at NC so that we can all leave refreshed and glorified in Christ. He should be the center focus this week for only what is done for Christ, in the end, will last. I am a 4 sport athlete and have placed no. 2 and then 1 in consecutive years at regional piano competitions (New England). I have also successfully completely the U.S. Navy SEAL Obstacle course at Coronado Island, California.



Gabe Gaertner

Hey guys! I’m excited to be running for senate under the Processed with VSCO with c3 presetmessage of Embrace the Race. I want to encourage you and everyone who hears this message to embrace the place God has put you currently no matter what it is. God is so good and everything He does has a purpose and that plan is perfect so why wouldn’t we embrace it with all we have. I hope you all can join me in embracing our races together as one body of Christ. If you would like more information on my message or myself check out @gabe_4senate on Instagram.



Matthew Klassa

Hey everyone!matthew klassa

My name is Matthew Klassa. I’m the youngest, but tallest, of three. I’m from North Carolina. My two main pastimes are Ultimate Frisbee and Boy Scouts. One interesting fact about me is that I’ve actually jumped off a cliff before.

My message is I am FORGIVEN, based on 1 John 1:9. God has forgiven us of all sin to a new life with him. We are completely free from all shame and have a new purpose. Want to hear the rest? Find me on Instagram as forgiven_2017






Jonathan Gosz and Madelyn Fryer

Jonathan and Madelyn are absolutely thrilled to be rungosz:fryerning for President and Vice President at NatCon 2017!

Jonathan was born and raised in the great state of Oklahoma and is the second of eight awesome siblings. His passions include music, deep conversations, and coffee. He loves soccer and has played for 14 years. Fun fact, he works in a chocolate shop and is an actual oompa loompa.

Madelyn hails from Tyrone, Georgia. She enjoys playing soccer and traveling. Fettuccini alfredo and lemonade with two straws are some of her favs. She is an accomplished violinist and plays regularly on her church’s worship team. Fun fact: She has never swallowed a pill and claims she never will.

Jonathan and Madelyn are eager to share their message, Bold Move, inspired from the words of Scripture in Esther 4:14, “Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.” God placed Esther in a pivotal position with a purpose. She had a choice; to back down in fear, or to step up in faith to take a Bold Move in obedience to God’s calling. What Bold Move is God asking you to take in your life?



Amani Nelson and Ryan Meece

nelson:meeceWhat’s up TeenPact nation? Amani Nelson and Ryan Meece here and we are so excited to be running for president/vice this year in the Vision party! Fun fact: both of us grew up in the Washington, DC area and love it to death, although Ryan now lives in Knoxville, Tennessee. Amani is a loud, spontaneous ENFP and Ryan is a subdued INFJ, who likes to plan ahead. But we’re both fun-loving procrastinators, which has made us a fantastic team long before we decided to run for anything together.

Our  message is “Get off the Grid,” which is all about getting outside of our Christian bubbles where we our comfortable and venturing out to where God calls us. After all, how can we proclaim the Gospel if there’s no one to proclaim it to? How can we walk in love if we push away those who are different from us?

To see our message video, order a t-shirt, and some other fun stuff; click below:








Callen Toscano and Olivia Schneider

We’re Callen and Olivia, and we’re so thrilled to run for President and Vice President at National Convention this year!

Hi everyone! I’m Callen, and I come from the small town toscano:schneiderof Fuquay Varina, right outside of Raleigh, NC. I have 3 younger brothers that make every day memorable, and I absolutely love all forms of competition, athletic or intellectual. Whether it comes to talking about Jesus over coffee (preferably espresso), pickup basketball, or sharing funny stories with friends until our sides split, I love community and am so blessed to call those in TeenPact some of my closest friends and companions in Christ.

Hey friends! Olivia here, and I also come from Fuquay Varina, NC. I have three athletic and awesome older brothers, and I blame my competitive nature on them. I’m quite stereotypical in loving Ultimate Frisbee, but I also enjoy sporadic adventures with friends, relaxing during a thunderstorm, or meaningful one-on-one conversations with fellow believers. Finally, I absolutely love the TeenPact community and the fellowship I’ve experienced through it, and can’t wait to meet so many more of you.

We cannot wait to share what God has laid on our hearts at NC! See you there!


Daniel Shirk and Kate Williams

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Hello TeenPact Nation, Daniel Shirk here! I first became involved with TeenPact four years ago as a shy and uncertain 16-year-old, but I came away from the class with the feeling of being loved and an idea of what Godly leadership looks like through the staff team. Looking back over my TeenPact experiences, I am amazed at how incredibly far He has used TeenPact to bring me in my walk with Him. Kate and I are grateful for the opportunity to run and pray God will continue to use both of us to do His will in this campaign!


kate williamsHey y’all, Kate here! I call Franklin, TN home and I am the oldest in my family. My first experience with TeenPact was in 2012 at my first state class and since then God has used TeenPact to radically change my life. It’s been a huge vessel of His grace and love in my life and like Daniel said, we can’t wait to share with y’all what He’s taught us at NC! Our message is “Intimate Faith:” it’s a challenge to do deeper in your relationship with Christ and live out your faith. Learn more about our message at!

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